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8th - 10th December, 2023
Open Spiritual Channels Workshop
Fee: £97

  • 2.5 days of Open Spiritual Channels teachings, practices and blessings

  • 1x Tao Light Transmission for an organ, system or body part 

  • Access to the recordings

In-Person (sold out)
Guidance for your life

You may have had moments in your life when you felt the presence of higher consciousness there to comfort, guide or protect you. What if you could also connect directly and communicate with it?

Perhaps you already see or hear spiritual messages, but you’re not sure where they come from, if they are accurate, or even what they always mean?

Receive the answers you need

Like many of us, you may dream of having clear, higher guidance for your life without comprehending that you already have the ability to receive it. You just need to know how.

What if you could easily get the answers you need from your own soul and the spirit world?

How would it feel to no longer struggle with indecision and uncertainty about what to do next?

A proven roadmap for you

Master Sha has laid a clear foundation and roadmap for understanding and mastering how to access guidance and empowering information through soul communication. Master Sha teaches that soul (or spirit) is information, and information is soul or spirit. Simply put, soul communication, in its various forms, is what connects us to the information highway of the universe!

One can engage in different forms of soul communication through four distinct spiritual channels. Developing these channels opens up multiple avenues on the information highway of the spirit world and a whole new way of life.

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Imagine being able to:

  • Meet and get to know your higher consciousness that guides you

  • Get personal guidance and clear answers from your favorite light beings

  • Receive specific information to help you in today’s world and advance your personal journey

  • Learn to “see” third eye images and listen to other spiritual messages

  • Have conversations with holy beings as well as oceans, trees, mountains, pets and more

  • Get unknown wisdom and information directly from heaven

  • Become the master of your life and journey, through your own soul wisdom

A life changing experience

In this unique retreat taught by David Lusch & Mayur Shah you will receive soul secrets, practical techniques and special high-frequency blessings that can empower you to open and develop your spiritual channels and live a better life.


Everyone is welcomed, whether you have experience with opening spiritual channels or none at all. Everyone will be lovingly guided through the process by our experienced Master Teachers

What others have said about our past Open Your Spiritual Channels Events:

“I am so grateful that I attended this OSC workshop. I thought that as I had done it so many times before, I could just skip it. But, it has been amazing. And feel so blessed to have attended. The teachings and meditations have been deeper that I have experienced before.”

“Thank you so much for this beautiful workshop filled with so many blessings. So much deep love, many awakenings, many spiritual openings, sharing deep wisdom and more. Deepest gratitude!”

“This workshop brought back hope to my heart and soul. I feel alive again and I feel my heart in a well known, but lost joyful state again. My way to Tao seems to be possible again and I feel really rejuvenated. I trust again.”

“Thank you so much for this incredible workshop.Learned so much, experienced so many miracles and blessings. Much love to all, we shared such amazing moments.”

Untitled-2-wayne dyer.png

"Practical, useful information information and techniques for putting the body's natural abilities to work on healing - a wonderful contribution."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author of There's a
Spiritual Solution to Every Problem


Venue: Online (Via Zoom Meetings) & In-Person at the Tao Health & Wellness Centre

8th - 10th December, 2023

Friday: 7:00pm - 9:00pm UK
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm UK
Sunday: 10:00am - 6:00pm UK

David Lusch & Mayur Shah, certified Master Teachers by Tao Academy™

Recordings available for 2 weeks

There are no prerequisites for this event. Everyone is welcome. This workshop caters to individuals with varying levels of experience, whether you're highly experienced or a complete beginner!

For in-person attendance:

  • Find directions to the venue here.

  • Parking on surrounding side streets is free on the weekend and on Friday after 7 pm

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