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August 1 - Sept 30

Guan Yin Da Bei Zhou Chanting Classes
Fee: £50

Prerequisite: Tao Hands Practitioner or Guan Yin Lineage Holder

Guan Yin is short for Guan Shi Yin, which means “the one who hears the sounds or cries of the world.” As Guan Shi Yin Pusa, she is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Compassion is the heartfelt awareness of the suffering of others with a sincere desire to alleviate it.

Because of Guan Yin’s deep compassion and mercy, she is highly revered all around the world. There are many stories of her saving the lives of those who call upon her.

In this Workshop, you will receive profound wisdom, practices and blessings to deepen our commitment to service through the practice of compassion and more. You will learn about Guan Yin’s Lineage and how you can become a Guan Yin Lineage Holder.

You will also receive access to 18 classes where you can learn and practice the Da Bei Zhou, the Great Compassion Mantra. This will prepare you to become a Guan Lineage Holder.


Historically, Guan Yin’s Lineage has consisted of bodhisattvas that have committed themselves to helping end suffering through the practice of compassion. In the modern age this is a new opportunity for you to walk in the footsteps of this great being and to make a bigger difference in the life of your family, your loved ones, and those around you. 


Join us today and experience the healing power of Guan Yin and the Da Bei Zhou Buddhas!

Workshop (complimentary for all Tao Hands Practitioners):
Date: Sunday, 1st August 2021
Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm BST

Date: 3rd August - 30th September, 2021
Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am - 10:00 am BST
Venue: Online
Fee: £50

Prerequisite: Tao Hands Practitioner or Guan Yin Lineage Holder

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