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What if you could increase significantly the productivity of your staff?

Workplace Wellbeing

Creating employee wellbeing is not only good for people but for the organisation. Increased wellbeing can help prevent stress and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. 

Create Wellbeing

We are here to bring wellbeing in the workplace to assist your employees in some key areas that affect the overall performance in your business.  We are helping employees to reduce stress, improve productivity and empower them to realise their highest potential through powerful techniques.

​We are well placed to assist businesses on a unique path by empowering their staff to find inner peace, boost energy and nurture harmonious relationships at work.

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Manage stress in workplaces

While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with employees’ productivity and performance, impact their physical and emotional health, and affect professional relationships and home life.

It can even mean the difference between success and failure on the job and ultimately impact the performance of the company.

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Our Services

We believe that each and every person has the potential to overcome challenging situations and stress at work, and ultimately to blossom into his/her highest potential. Through guided techniques including meditation classes and workshops, your employees can:

  • Maintain their well-being, reduce stress and therefore absenteeism

  • Improve their creativity, concentration and therefore productivity in day to day activities and performance

  • Nurture harmonious relationships with colleagues

  • Realise their highest potentials and improve collective performance and business creativity


Exela Technologies

"Our Company participated in the Corporate Wellbeing Programme, which  provided insightful and effective support of wellbeing at work.  
The vast majority of participants, myself included, have benefited from valuable tips from the holistic programme and these have enabled individuals to practice and embed healthy behaviour within the workplace ongoing. 
The variety of practices including calligraphy tracing, stretching and  breathing exercises made the sessions more open to a variety of employees, which they found easy to follow and enjoyable. 
We would thoroughly recommend this programme to other companies."

Kim Morton, HR Director

Young Living Europe

"We were extremely pleased to be part of the Corporate Wellbeing Programme. As a large international organisation, we aim to provide a fun, engaging and promoting wellbeing initiatives that capture the interest and enthusiasm of our members.

The programme provided a wide range of practices such as body tapping and   calligraphy meditation combined with the use of therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils.

We intend to continue using this programme in the future, given the excellent feedback received."


Mira Sofie, Platinum Young Living Member

Southbank International School

"It is my pleasure to share feedback from both our staff and students who experienced  the wonderful calligraphy workshop in our school's wellbeing day in 2019. I can state that the instructor's truly balanced tone to wellbeing left an indelible mark on those who participated in both the calligraphy and meditation workshops. The teacher helped nourish a deep sense of peace and tranquility in the context of a challenging work environment.  My staff were full of praise for the quality of the session and his expertise. My students also found Tai chi and meditation  a positive experience and hoped we could bring him and his assistant back once again. 

I hope to bring the team back to our community once again.” 


Salah Hajjaj, Deputy Principal - Head of Pastoral Care

Aroma Life Institute

"My team and I profited a lot from the wellbeing classes. We learnt practical tips to manage stress and improve overall wellbeing through calligraphy tracing, and pure essential oils use.

The facilitators have always been very professional, delicate and interactive with participants. We received both useful skills and fun during the process.

Thank you for doing what you are doing!” 


Saulius Urbonas, Founder

Our Partners

Create flourishing for your company through happy & well employees!

We can created targeted packages for your team to increase their focus, trust, reduce stress through meditation classes and personal consultations. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your organisation!


What our Participants say

"I found it great, good to do it right in the middle of the day. It introduced me to a technique that I wasn’t aware of and that I might incorporate in my daily life."

Paul, Chiswick Business Park – London 


 "No matter how tough or draining the day had been, taking part in the calligraphy tracing and body tapping took my mind away to a more peaceful place and left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day with a renewed focus and vigour."

 Shahid, Exela Technologies – Egham


"I loved the workshop! The instructor made us feel so comfortable in a very relaxed space. The concept was completely new to me but by the end made total sense! Would love to do it again."

Class attendant, SOS International - London


 “Thank you for arranging it. This one-hour meditation is very good. It involved stretching, breathing and exercising.  Good wellbeing exercise.”
Helen, Chiswick Business Park – London


 “Body tapping and Calligraphy tracing sessions has helped me relax and take a positive approach to tackle the rest of the day at work. It has been beneficial and helping focus on issues. The breathing exercises and meditation side helped disconnect completely from problems and has been beneficial and helping focus on solving issues which is the main part of my daily job.”

Nicolas, Chiswick Business Park – London


“It was the most relaxing 30 minutes of my Wednesday, I never realised how stress could be managed quite so easily. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated it was a total escape from my normal day. Thank You Emerick I shall miss the body tapping and tracing.”

Sue, Exela Technologies – Egham


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