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Thursday, 9th February
7 p
m - 10 pm UK

Replay available

Passing Spiritual Testing

Fee: £20


Prerequisite: Tao Academy Practitioner

(Tao Healing Hands or any other certifications of Tao Academy)

The moment you commit to your spiritual journey, spiritual testing starts.

Your life could have turmoil. Friends, family, and loved ones doubt you. They may even think you are crazy. You may even doubt yourself. “Am I really on the right path? Can I truly do healing and help others? I did not see any images.” And more.

The negative human thinking about yourself and others can become bad. Really bad. Like really, really bad where you feel like you are going nuts. The conflicts, arguments, accusations, and more you experience could increase, intensify, and go to a much higher level.

Things that make sense no longer make sense. The world you knew turned upside down, inside out, and all around. Life can seem like a rollercoaster, not knowing where it is going, when it is turning, how it is spinning, and more. You close your eyes, hold on, and do your best.

You chant, chant, chant. You trace, trace, trace. You do forgiveness, pray, and everything you can. Sometimes you move through it quickly. And sometimes… it takes way longer to get through than planned. Sometimes you are stuck and need help… big help.

Passing spiritual testing is a skill and process that every spiritual being must go through in order to learn their lessons, purify their soul, heart, mind, and body, transform, evolve, grow, and enlighten. Passing spiritual testing takes mastery, disciple, commitment, and a will to serve others unconditionally.

PASSING SPIRITUAL TESTING IS A MUST to achieve your dreams, fulfill your potential, accomplish your life purpose, and reach enlightenment. We have seen so many students, clients, and people struggling, being test, and purifying in 2023. Everything seems to have intensified for so many people as we move further into the changes and transition occurring on Mother Earth.

What is there to do?
 Come join a very special and newly created event with David Lusch this coming Thursday.

In this event, come learn and experience:

  • What is spiritual testing

  • Why we must be spiritually tested

  • How to pass your spiritual testing

  • The 3 keys to pass your spiritual testing

  • 1x Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Session

  • 1x Tao Song Blessing

  • A field of practitioners using their collective soul power and abilities, their consciousness and intention, in the power of the group to pass spiritual testing


This is a very special event that could transform your life deeper, help you to transform pain to gain, and move you forward into your personal power.

Note: Prerequisite: Tao Academy Practitioner 

(Tao Healing Hands or any other certifications of Tao Academy)

Venue: Online (Via Zoom)

Fee: £20

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