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Meet us at the Get Well Show November 12-15 2020

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The virtual Get Well Show (November 12-15th 2020) is a key platform where the leading minds in alternative health are at your disposal.

Through the 4-days the show will deliver a combination of livestream and on-demand, keynotes, fireside chats and panel discussions that allow you to experience interactive sessions, as well as giving you 1-2-1 access to leading vendors.

What you can expect:

  • Access to leading minds from across the globe. A virtual event means there’s no limit on who can join us; hear from experts in the US, UK or anywhere else!

  • A personalised experience. We’ll be able to offer you a tailored experience based on your pre-event profile, suggesting the talks and exhibitors most relevant to you.

  • Save your time, money and energy! Discover innovative therapies and products from the comfort of your own home.

As key sponsors at this event in collaboration with What Doctors Don't tell you (WDDTY) and Get Well, we are excited to present a special offer that is valid until 12th October 2020, and have our leading Master Teachers and Healers as part of an impressive speaker line-up:

David Lusch is a Certified Master Teacher & Healer and leads the Tao Academy. He has trained thousands of Tao Hands Practitioners worldwide. After meeting Master Sha in 2004, he was completely healed of obsessive-compulsive disorder within one year.

Mayur Shah is a successful businessman and a Certified Master Teacher & Healer, trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha. He has always been very interested in how to make changes in different aspects of life in a short period of time.

We have over 70 speakers joining David and Mayur, including intention expert and energy healer, Lynne McTaggart, Founder of the Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner and leader in Qigong for wellness, Master Chunyi Lin, to name a few. View the speaker line-up here.

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