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3rd - 4th September, 2022

Soul Journey Workshop

Fee: £95
Includes: 1x Tao Light Transmission for an organ, body part or health condition
2x Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Sessions

Prerequisite: Tao Healing Hands Practitioner OR attended the Open Spiritual Channels Retreat August 2022

(Recordings of this event are available for 2 weeks)

Discover the secrets of the soul and the soul journey.


Each human has a life journey. Each soul has its own journey. The journey of the soul. As you grow in life and have experiences, you are walking the journey of life. A soul can have many experiences too. A soul can learn and grow in all its lifetimes.


In this workshop you will learn the secrets for developing on your soul journey.


Every human has a soul. Everyone and everything has a soul. All positive and negative information your soul carries determines your success in any aspect of life. Over time these messages will manifest into your physical life.


The positive information of your soul creates success, happiness and health. The negative information can create challenges in your life. That is the importance of the soul.


The soul needs nourishment to grow on the soul journey. To build the positive information of the soul is to nourish the soul. Just like a human being needs food to be nourished. The more positivity you create by serving others, making others happier and healthier the more your soul gets nourished. Until eventually the soul can become enlightened.


This is the workshop to advance your soul journey in ways you have never experienced!


Tao has infinite ways. This workshop brings you on the Tao Journey of your soul to reach new heights of your soul journey.


Your soul is waiting for you. 


The possibilities are endless. Once you start living the soul journey your life can transform beyond words. Challenges can transform from the root level and healing of your life and more can manifest.


In this workshop discover:

● The key characteristics of the soul and the soul journey

● The steps to success on the soul journey

● Advanced Teachings to help you pass spiritual tests and benefit your soul journey

● The quickest way to transform negative information from the soul

● Powerful Tao Blessings to boost your soul journey and transform your life


This is an advanced workshop with Tao Healing Hands Prerequisite. We welcome you to join from our hearts and soul. Welcome to the path of the soul journey!

What others have said about our past Open Your Spiritual Channels Events:

"I am so grateful that I attended this OSC workshop. I thought that as I had done it so many times before, I could just skip it. But, it has been amazing. And feel so blessed to have attended. The teachings and meditations have been deeper that I have experienced before."

"Thank you so much for this beautiful workshop filled with so many blessings. So much deep love, many awakenings, many spiritual openings, sharing deep wisdom and more. Deepest gratitude!"

"This workshop brought back hope to my heart and soul. I feel alive again and I feel my heart in a well known, but lost joyful state again. My way to Tao seems to be possible again and I feel really rejuvenated. I trust again."

Time: 3rd - 4th September 2022

Saturday + Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm UK

Venue: Online, Recordings available for 2 weeks

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