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What is Soul Marketing?

As opposed to physical marketing, Soul Marketing is conducted on the soul level to promote a service to other souls. The message is received on the soul level and then filters down to the heart, mind, and body, ultimately connecting on the physical level. If you would like to read more, you can find additional details in Master Sha’s books: "Soul Over Matter" page 69 and "The Power of Soul" page 221.

What is the daily Soul Marketing Call?

Soul Marketing, offered by Tao Academy, is a free daily 15-minute teleconference call with one of Master Sha's leading teachers. The call is held via a phone line, and there is no Zoom or livestream link available at this time.

Why should I join this call?

The purpose of the call is to reach out to the souls of those who are unaware of Master Sha's services and invite them to connect, along with everyone else's services aligned with Master Sha's mission. The call typically includes an invocation to bless the services and some Foundation practice, such as the soul house practice. You can also make a request to promote your own services. Master Sha has shared that joining this call is a great way to generate virtue to transform your life!

How to join?

The call takes place Monday to Friday from 4:30 to 4:45 pm UK time.

For UK:

  • Dial on your phone: 02034096438

  • Enter the Access code when prompted: 523-112-168#

For any other country:

  • Find your local dial-in number here.

Please note: Usually there should be no charge for you to call this phone line, provided you call your country-specific number. Please check with your provider if in doubt!

Add details to your calendar.

Use the button below to add a reminder Monday to Friday to your calendar!

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