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May - July, 2024

Tao Calligraphy Writing Classes
with Dennis & Hetty


Fridays: 9:00am - 10:15am UK

Fee: £65/£147


  • Live Teaching

  • Replay of all events

Tao Calligraphy possesses the artistic beauty of Oneness writing and is enhanced with Tao blessing power.

– Master Zhi Gang Sha

Do you know that the way you write can say so much about you?

Maybe your letters are abrupt and sharp, perhaps they are joined together. Or each letter is separated from the other. There are countless interpretations on the way you write.

But did you know, changing just one thing in the way you write can rewrite something in your life. Tao Calligraphy is writing from the soul. 

Tao Calligraphy uses the frequency and vibration of the source to transform any negative messages within you. When you write Tao Calligraphy, you move one step closer to transforming and rewriting your life.

Tao Calligraphy holds special significance and meaning, and this can only be discovered through the art of tracing and writing it. As Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha says: “If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it.”

If you want to know the power of Tao Calligraphy, experience it.

Do not miss the opportunity to join this workshop to learn about Tao Calligraphy and how Tao Calligraphy can rewrite your life. Register today!


Dennis Chan

Dennis is a certified Master Teacher and Tao Calligraphy teacher, previously a head coach at the Tao Center, has touched countless lives through his dedicated training under Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Now, alongside his wife Hetty, Dennis continues independently, sharing his wisdom and personal experiences to convey Tao wisdom. Regardless of age or background, Dennis is on a mission to empower others, fostering happiness and health through the transformative power of Tao. 

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Hetty Tsang

Hetty is a certified Master Teacher from the Tao Academy Institute in Canada, trained directly by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, offers personal consultations, workshops, and Tao Calligraphy training. 


Hetty's mission is to showcase how the Tao field's healing power can enhance health, happiness, and life balance. Focused on revealing inner beauty and strength, Hetty passionately assists women facing fertility challenges, drawing from her personal experiences. She provides tailored solutions and aids in fostering harmonious relationships, transforming her life purpose and mission into a profoundly positive journey.

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Venue:  Online only via Zoom

Every Friday: 9:00am - 10:15am UK

Dennis Chan, Hetty Tsang, certified Master Teachers by Tao Academy​

There are no prerequisites for this event. Everyone is welcome. These classes caters to individuals with varying levels of experience, whether you're highly experienced or a complete beginner!

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