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9th September 2023, 10:00 am - 04:30 pm
Transforming Money Mindsets:
Set yourself Up for Success
(1-day Workshop) 
Fee: £67.00


What you believe shapes your life because it leads you to taking action according to your beliefs.

If you believe you are not worthy of living in abundance, you take actions that reflect this. These actions lead to how your life manifests.

How often have you tried to change your beliefs and mindsets? Maybe you read a book or went to a seminar... You had some success, but then you found yourself in the same cycle again. Spinning thoughts and unpleasant emotions and feelings around money. The current global economic situation only fuels these challenges even more.

But when you look inside and reflect, you might see or become aware of the subconscious patterns that are guiding your life. This will be one of the things you will be doing in the Transforming Money Mindsets Workshop on Saturday, 9th September.

But how is this workshop different? Most people will tell you to use the power of the mind to transform your mental challenges. But how can the very thing that is causing your trouble be the solution?

In this workshop, discover the power of the soul to remove and transform negative mindsets that prevent you from flourishing more in your life.

Led by Master Teacher Mayur Shah this event is both for beginners and experienced. There are no prerequisites, and you can even review anything with the replay you will receive!

What are you waiting for? Join us today.

What others have said about our past Open Your Spiritual Channels Events:

"I am so grateful that I attended this OSC workshop. I thought that as I had done it so many times before, I could just skip it. But, it has been amazing. And feel so blessed to have attended. The teachings and meditations have been deeper that I have experienced before."

"Thank you so much for this beautiful workshop filled with so many blessings. So much deep love, many awakenings, many spiritual openings, sharing deep wisdom and more. Deepest gratitude!"

"This workshop brought back hope to my heart and soul. I feel alive again and I feel my heart in a well known, but lost joyful state again. My way to Tao seems to be possible again and I feel really rejuvenated. I trust again."

Time: 9th September

Saturday: 10:00 am - 04:30 pm UK

Venue: Online or in Person


Teacher: With Mayur Shah

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this event. Everyone is welcome!

Replay: There will be a replay of this event provided for you.

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