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August 26-27
Lose Weight & Gain Health 
Early Bird fee: £117 until 20th Aug (£147 after)

● 2-day live workshop + Replay
● Follow Up Class
● 1x Tao Light Treasure

Enjoy your way to weight loss

Losing weight is something many desire but also dread.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  


You might feel you have to make drastic lifestyle changes or eat foods you don’t like.  But why can’t you enjoy the process along the way?


Mind based techniques can bring you far, but by aligning with the universal laws and principles you will be able to go to the root cause to transform and bring long-lasting results, WHILE enjoying the process! 


Your body is only one aspect out of many

Usual pathways to weight loss only focus on the physical level. Diet and exercise play an important role in losing weight, but it is necessary to address the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to achieve long lasting success. Body and spirit work together in harmony, if one of them is out of balance its harder to achieve the goal. 


In the weight loss workshop, you will learn ways to balance your body and spirit to boost your weight loss journey. According to studies, using mental and spiritual approaches can considerably increase weight loss. 


Letting go of old beliefs and starting over fresh

Think about all the motional weight and baggage you can lose as well! Many people associate their sense of self-worth with their weight. This can be through a belief they have developed themselves or one ingrained in them by their family. Tackling these beliefs can make a big difference in your weight loss journey. 


In this workshop experience:
  • How to overcome old mental pattern which are keeping you stuck

  • Letting go of emotions which cause you to eat unhealthy food consistently

  • Change through connecting with the spiritual aspects and addressing the root cause of your challenges

  • Transforming what you belief as your identity to create longlasting change

  • Practical guidance about changes to your diet and

  • How to increase you physical activity in a way everyone can accomplish

Join us today and begin your joyful journey to weightloss. Only when its joyful you can sustain it.

What others have said at the end of our last Weight Loss Workshop:

"I am emotional and feel lighter. I am working on issues that are all connected so I am deeply grateful to be here to release the attachments and make my commitments to what needs to transform to become the perfect Inner and outer beauty. Thank you"


"I feel so at peace and comfortable in my body. I saw light all around and my cells vibrating"


"Over the years I have judged myself over my weight fluctuations. Today I just saw the self that is happy to be me as I am without judgement, just loving me as I am. Thank you for your guidance and all your teachings."


Venue: Online (Via Zoom Meetings)

Time: Saturday + Sunday, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm UK

Notes: Recordings available for 2 weeks

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this event.

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